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Spade Crete is a synthetic product formed on site. It looks like slate, rock, stone, marble, cobblestone, brick or tile. You choose the style, the color, and the grout color. Pick from one of our samples or design your own! Perfect for exterior or interior, residential or commercial, and can be applied to any hard surface. This great product is not affected by extreme heat or freezing temperatures. It's so strong that it's difficult to penetrate with a regular drill bit! When customers compare this product to pavers or stamped concrete, Spade Crete wins every time.

Allow us to give you a free quote! Click the "Contact Us" button to the left. Alternatively, give us a call at 1-800-913-1617. When you call to schedule your consultation, it is most helpful if you choose a sample number so that our representative can attempt to bring out a large sample of that particular design. All of our samples can be found in our Gallery.

We make cracks disappear!

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